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Discover the Scalable All-Compatible Motor Starting Solution for Your Needs

When investing in a variable speed drive or other automation equipment, it's crucial to consider both short-term investment and long-term cost of ownership. At VAER Industrial, we understand your needs and offer an all-compatible motor starting solution portfolio that perfectly fits your processes, users, business goals, and environmental objectives.

The foundation of our all-compatible portfolio lies in its architecture. All drives share the same software platform, tools, user interfaces, and options. From the smallest water pump to the largest cement kiln, we have an optimal drive for every application. Once you've learned to use one drive, using others in the portfolio becomes a breeze.

Our all-compatible portfolio already offers a wide range of drives and services, providing flexibility to meet your specific needs and simplicity in managing your installed base. With our continuous growth, we ensure that you will always have access to the latest solutions, locally and globally.

Products Available :

The ABB Softstarter stands as an essential innovation in motor control. Engineered to ensure smooth and controlled motor starting, this advanced solution offers reliable performance across diverse applications. With its intelligent features and user-friendly design, the ABB Softstarter ensures seamless integration and efficient operation. Whether in pumps, conveyors, compressors, or other motor-driven systems, ABB’s Softstarter delivers precise control that reduces mechanical stress, enhances equipment lifespan, and optimizes energy consumption. Embrace the ABB Softstarter for reliable motor control, reduced wear and tear, and elevated operational efficiency in various industrial settings.

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The ABB Aqua Drives ACQ 580 Series embodies a leap forward in water and wastewater control. Engineered for efficient motor control, this series offers precise automation in water-related applications. With its intelligent algorithms and adaptive features, the Aqua Drives ACQ 580 ensures optimal energy usage and reliable performance. Whether in pumping stations, water treatment plants, or irrigation systems, ABB’s Aqua Drives empower efficient water management. Count on the ACQ 580 Series for seamless integration, sustainable operation, and unparalleled control over water processes.

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The ABB General Purpose Drives ACS 150 and ACS 355 Series represent a new standard in motor control and automation. Engineered for versatility and efficiency, these drive series offer precise speed and torque control for various applications. With their user-friendly interfaces and advanced features, the ACS 150 and ACS 355 Drives ensure seamless integration and optimized performance. Whether in pumps, fans, conveyors, or other industrial machinery, ABB’s General Purpose Drives deliver energy-efficient solutions that enhance process control and productivity. Embrace the ACS 150 and ACS 355 Series for reliable motor control, adaptability, and operational excellence across industries.

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The ABB Process Performance Drives ACS880 Series represents a transformative leap in industrial automation. Engineered for precision and adaptability, this series offers advanced motor control solutions tailored to complex processes. With their modular design and intelligent capabilities, the ACS880 Drives ensure optimized performance, energy efficiency, and seamless integration. Whether in demanding manufacturing environments, material handling systems, or critical infrastructure, ABB’s Process Performance Drives empower industries with precise control and operational excellence. Embrace the ACS880 Series for reliable performance, customization, and enhanced process efficiency that drives success across a wide range of applications.

The ABB Softstarters PSR, PSE, and PSTX Series redefine motor starting solutions with advanced technology. Engineered for smooth and controlled motor acceleration, these series offer versatile options for various applications. With their intelligent motor protection features and user-friendly interfaces, the PSR, PSE, and PSTX Softstarters ensure seamless integration and enhanced equipment longevity. Whether in pumps, fans, compressors, or other motor-driven systems, ABB’s Softstarters deliver efficient and reliable solutions that reduce mechanical stress and energy consumption. Embrace the PSR, PSE, and PSTX Series for optimized motor starting, operational flexibility, and elevated performance in diverse industries.


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