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Empower Your Business with Sustainable Power through our Power Quality Solutions

Maximize power quality for enhanced business performance with VAER Industrial. The quality of electrical power is crucial for businesses, as modern tools and machinery become increasingly sensitive to network disturbances like voltage sags. These disturbances lead to costly downtimes and production losses, impacting productivity and revenues.

Unoptimized power supplies affected by issues like harmonics, unbalance, and low power factor result in higher electricity bills, equipment overloading, and accelerated aging of electrical infrastructure. This increases operational expenditure and maintenance costs.

At VAER, we provide a wide range of power quality solutions to ensure operational continuity and a seamless power supply across various industrial applications. In worldwide, the lack of continuous power supply accounts for up to 90 percent of poor power quality costs in industries, with voltage sags and interruptions being particularly expensive factors.

With our cutting-edge power quality solutions, businesses can mitigate disruptions, minimize costs, and optimize their power supplies for enhanced efficiency. Experience the future of power quality today and unlock your business's full potential with VAER Industrial. Elevate your power infrastructure to new heights with our state-of-the-art solutions and discover the difference they can make in driving your success.

Products Available :

The ABB PCS100 AVC-40 is an advanced power conditioning system that offers precise and efficient voltage control, ensuring optimal power quality and stability across various applications. With the ability to regulate voltage levels and mitigate disturbances, this innovative solution enhances equipment performance, extends lifespan, and minimizes energy consumption. Its intelligent control algorithms, customizable settings, and durable design make it an indispensable asset for industries requiring reliable and uninterrupted power supply, safeguarding critical equipment from voltage-related issues while optimizing operational efficiency.

Download PCS100 AVC 40

The ABB PCS100 AVC-20 represents a cutting-edge advancement in power conditioning technology. Engineered for precision voltage control, this sophisticated solution ensures consistent and reliable power quality across diverse applications. With its intelligent control algorithms and customizable settings, the PCS100 AVC-20 offers unparalleled voltage regulation, safeguarding equipment from fluctuations and disturbances. Whether in industrial settings or critical infrastructure, trust ABB’s expertise for a seamless integration that optimizes power stability and enhances operational efficiency.

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The ABB PCS100 UPS-I represents a pinnacle of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology. Engineered to ensure seamless power continuity, this advanced solution offers critical protection against power disruptions. With its innovative design and intelligent control, the PCS100 UPS-I guarantees reliable power delivery, safeguarding sensitive equipment and critical systems. Whether in data centers, healthcare facilities, or industrial settings, ABB’s UPS expertise ensures uninterrupted operations and peace of mind. Count on the PCS100 UPS-I for unmatched power resilience and efficiency.

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The Revcon Harmonic Filter embodies a transformative solution for power quality optimization. Engineered to mitigate harmonic distortions, this advanced filter system ensures clean and stable electrical supply. With its intelligent design and precision tuning, the Revcon Harmonic Filter effectively suppresses unwanted harmonics, minimizing disruptions and enhancing the performance of electrical systems. Whether in industrial or commercial environments, trust Revcon’s expertise for a harmonics-free power experience that maximizes efficiency and protects equipment. Elevate power quality with the Revcon Harmonic Filter’s innovative approach to harmonic management.

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